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Kiln Drying

Kiln Drying and Moisture Control

Moisture in timber needs to be controlled - this module discusses the effects of moisture

Topics: Structural Timber

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Kiln Drying and Moisture Control

Moisture is inevitable in timber, however moisture uptake needs to be controlled. 

This training module discusses the effect of moisture and the need to kiln dry timber to make it lighter, more durable, able to absorb preservatives, easier to work with, easier to transport and improve stability. The role of kiln drying plays an important part here but those involved in timber handling at all stages of the supply chain need to understand that they also play a critical role in keeping structural timber dry. The video presentation discusses the drying of timber, the measurement of moisture content and the storage of timber in order to keep it in pristine condition ready for close-in.


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Kiln Drying

Video showing Kiln Drying process

Video showing the Kiln Drying Process and the importance of managing moisture in timber