Red Stag Timber - Product Training & Demonstration Resources


Timber Brief 1 - Pith in Timber

Identifying pith in timber is crucial, Red Stag Timber structural products do not contain pith - a…

Timber Brief 2 - The Effects of Moisture in Timber

Kiln Dried Timber is one of the easiest, lightest, most adaptable, environmentally-friendly and…

Timber Brief 3 - Measuring Moisture in Timber

How do we measure the moisture content in timber, and how do we know what that moisture content…

Timber Brief 4 - Fastenings

What is the purpose of a fastener, and what is an effective timber fastener?

Timber Brief 5 - Timber Grading in the 21st Century

Timber with a few knots can be straighter and stronger than a piece of clear timber!

Timber Brief 6 - Mould

Identify different surface moulds and what it means for treated timber?

Timber Brief 7 - SG10

The advantages of SG10 structural timber and why choose it over SG8.

Timber Brief 8 - Decking

Tips for building your next deck, from compliance to fixings/fastenings, maintenance and more.

Timber Brief 9 - Timber Preservation

Learn what level of timber preservation is required and best suited for each part of your build.

Timber Brief 10 - Characteristics in Timber

Identify some of the characteristics in timber and how or if they affect the structural…

Timber Managers Hand Book

Incudes info on our processes, latest upgrades, packet sizes, specifications.

Red Stag Timber Environmental Product Declaration

Red Stag recognizes the importance of providing transparent and independently verified environmental…

Timber Brief Booklet: 1 - 10

Timber Briefs 1 to 10 together in one file.

FSC Certificate

Red Stag Timber has the internationally recognised Forest Stewardship Council® certification…

Red Stag Timber Training Course User Guide

Get started on your Red Stag Timber Structural Timber Training Course with this user guide.

Renovo Red Stag Badash - The Wooden Bike

Riding a wooden bike draws plenty of attention. Most onlookers think it must be faked somehow, or…

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