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Timber Preservation and Hazard Classes

Treatment of timber extends durability in what may be or become a hazardous environment

Topics: Structural Timber

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Timber Preservation and Hazard Classes

The lifetime of a structure depends on its ability to withstand the elements.

Externally this may be wind, rain, sun, earthquakes etc.. Internally some of the same factors are present but in different forms. Moisture may still appear, but  from steam, condensation or faulty reticulation, and the structure must remain structurally sound until the source of moisture can be eliminated.
Preservation of timber measured via various hazard classes provides durability in conditions expected within the anticipated environment. This module discusses the range of hazard classes ranging from within a building where timber is protected from the weather to exterior applications where the timber may be exposed to the weather or even buried in the soil.

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Treatment Video

Video on Preservation of Timber

Video about hazard classes and how to achieve a particular hazard class through timber preservation