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Overview of Standards for production and use of timber

Production of timber and its use in construction requires compliance with standards.

Topics: Structural Timber

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Overview of Standards for production and use of timber

Life has become more prescriptive in every area. Construction is not immune to this trend. As sawmillers we must comply with standards around stiffness, strength as well as with treatment, knot size and distortion. Builders also must understand building compliance standards, and merchants must fully understand these standards in order to recommend products that are proven suitable for specific applications.

This module generates and overviews the standards that apply to the production of structural timber. Additionally it closely examines NZS3631 which is the standard that specifies visual defects in timber so an understanding of timber terminology is gained. It further looks at the standards that apply to treatment and those relating to timber that are referenced in the building code.

A brief look at the product range manufactured at Red Stag Timber is taken. This to show the range of structural and non-structural products that may be present on a building site or in a merchant's yard.

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NZ Standards overview

Construction has become far more prescriptive over recent decades. This video provides an overview of the main standards applicable to timber production and use.