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Products and Customer Interface

Understanding the Red Stag product range, their applications and our customer interface

Topics: Structural Timber, Non-structural Timber, Framing Timber, Timber Preservation, Kiln Drying

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Products and Customer Interface

Every business requires its suppliers to perform by delivering quality products and services at a reasonable price, in acceptable condition and on time. This requires understanding of the process needed to achieve this so that customer needs can be met. This video aims to offer this information in a way that merchant customers can plan ahead to forward order their requirements to meet future needs but with the flexibility to cover shortfalls as needed.


Timber Product Range and Customer Interface

Timber Product Range and Customer Interface

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Product Range and Customer Interface

Products manufactured by Red Stag Timber and the ordering process

Red Stag Timber produces a range of top quality structural and outdoor timber products that exceed the applicable New Zealand standards and at the same time exceed customer expectations. This video describes this range of products by size, treatment and application and offers information to our merchant customers and end users how best to plan their purchases so as to ensure timely delivery of a product that is fit for purpose and delivered in-full and in a timely manner